The BLinked Series

As a team, we are all very focused on the arts, to the point that we have commissioned 9 different illustrators to characterise our bottled and on tap serves. We look at the  balance, form and depth of art in the same way we look at our drinks. Nothing is perfect and everything should be subjective and that is what we love about art. Constant development and improvement means we are always striving to create better and more in-depth drinks, much like an artist would. 

We ain't just a stuffy drinks brand, we genuinely care about the arts and the artists within it; so since we always have our eyes on artists, we wanted to begin to highlight the talent which we come across and create series of pieces which we feel strongly about. Titled BLinked for obvious reason, we are Black Lines and we like ink. Since February we have picking out some of the artists on the block that have caught our eye. Some of which we've even worked with.

Amber Griffin: The Illustrator from Bristol, U.K. with a keen eye for female form.


Bristol via Brighton University artist @ambergriffinillustration. Though recently graduating from Interior Architecture, Amber seeked to relieve herself of the constraints and technicalities by pursuing illustration; and hasn’t looked back.

Amber’s art came to us bearing a white flag, light and innocent, initially we thought of Picasso’s birds of peace. But under closer inspection, there is more of a sexual sincerity; perhaps the kind of nudist shapes you’d see more behind-closed-doors. Inspired by the ‘strong women around her’, her pieces normally host a female, like a constant study into shape and form, with nature and supporting objects also appearing.  We were initially drawn to her ability to allow an abstract shape still make the same sense of a joyous human.

We commissioned Amber for our Pear & White Tea Fizz, as we knew she could encapsulate movement and character into a small area. We love how her drawings can be weightless whilst also vigorous and punchy; a sign of balance, which we really like in art… but also in our drinks… 


Previous to Amber, we looked outside the country to Swedish artist Andreas Samuelsson. Andreas isn’t new to the game, despite his timeless and youthful depictions of the world as he views it. Since graduating from Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm in 2004, he has gone on to woo the likes of the Adidas, Apple & the NY Times.

Andreas Samuelsson: "The goal is to break down an image so that it becomes as pure as possible."

Simplicity is the key ingredient. Even with abstract symbolism, liquid objects & otherworldly figures, Andreas’s pieces are easy to read & digest. From record covers to wallpapers, his lucid prints appear to pop off the surface and reason with you. It’s inspirational to see an artist who has kept to his guns and remained on a path that is sometimes strayed from by artists looking fit into new a subculture. Instead, Andreas has modernised his own aesthetics meaning his art has remained his, and thus, stood the test of time.


Next up we found ourselves in Southern Germany to show our appreciation to artist Gabriel Holzner. Gabe has an arsenal of tools which combine illustration, graphic design, graffiti, comic & physical printmaking. An evergreen of a modern, instagram savvy, generation of young artists who sustain a career against the more traditional galleries and houses that dominate contemporary art."


Gabe manages to make the most complex arrangement of shapes and clean lines seem effortless, whilst also relentlessly swapping between stroked lines and full weight blocks, versatile to say the least. Soaking up the surroundings of his native Germany whilst also being well travelled, Gabe’s work is not only beautiful, but hints at the concerns of the social climate through his art. An artist with both illustrative & typographic skills is a force to be reckoned with. You can find his work on buildings, canvases, trashcans, scarves, under people’s skin and probably on our bedroom walls.