Here at Black Lines we have been producing cocktails on tap since our inception in 2017. Our Co-founder Casey Sorenson, previous head of UK Bars at Soho House, realised that no-one was providing cocktails on tap commercially to pubs, bars, restaurants, festivals and events and decided to leave his role and set up Black Lines with Kuleen Khimasia, previously running his own street food businesses.

What Are The Benefits of Cocktails on tap?

There are a number of clear benefits, the first being speed of service. By putting a cocktail on tap you can greatly reduce the time it takes to pour and serve a drink. The average wait time in the UK for a cocktail is 9 minutes, it takes 10 seconds to pour and serve one of our cocktail on tap. Allowing staff to serve more individuals in a set time frame.

The second benefit is the reduction in wastage and improvement in stock management. All of our products come in 20L Key Kegs and on average save venues from having to purchase, store and dispose of 50 glass bottles. There is a clear environmental benefit to draught cocktails too with the need for less ice, energy and reduction of beverage wastage during service.

The third benefit, and often the most overlooked, is consistency. When putting a cocktail on tap, every single serve is exactly the same as the last, no matter which individual behind the bar poured it. For a restaurant that could have multiple sites across multiple cities, we can guarantee that every Black Lines cocktail on tap will taste the same…no matter where you are, who you are or what time it is!

Do Cocktails on tap taste fresh?

From day 1, we have been focussed on producing the best tasting pre-batched cocktails possible, whether in bottle or on tap. We are only as good as we can source, so have partnered with the best British, Independent distilleries like East London Liquor Company, Kanpai Sake and only use the freshest pressed juices in our mix to create a flavour that rivals that of a handmade cocktail. All of our cocktails have undergone rigorous development and redefining to get them to where they are today.

Which Cocktails do we pour on tap?

We currently have 9 cocktails on tap, with our latest list being: Paloma, Elderflower Collins, Pear & White Tea Fizz, Spicy Tommy’s Margarita, Negroni, Espresso Martini, Aperol Spritz, Rum Punch and the Passionfruit Martini.

Our range is a mixture between a majority of classics, with our own distinguishable Black Lines twist and some serves that we have created ourselves, like the Pear & White Tea Fizz. It’s important that cocktails on tap are familiar ones that are likely to be the most frequently ordered.



What draught system do you need to use for a Cocktail on tap?

All of our draught products come in 20L Key Kegs and can connect to an existing draught system and are able to run off any gas. Kegs have a shelf life between 6-12 months and should be consumed within 4 weeks once tapped. 7 of our products need pouring directly over ice with our Espresso Martini and Passionfruit Martini being Nitro infused serves.

Can Cocktails on tap work alongside a handmade service? ?

Yes, draft cocktails facilitate the best bartenders to make more signature drinks as it lightens their burden. Bartenders have more time to focus their love and attention on the really cool and classic cocktails that need flare and attention, which you certainly don’t need when making 10 Espresso Martinis or Aperol Spritz’s. When we first started out in 2017, there was a bit of back lash in the industry but everyone is starting to realise that it’s actually there to work in synergy with them and can really work to their benefit.

Our aim here at Black Lines is fundamentally to make cocktails more accessible to more people in more locations. Our role in the industry is to be an educator and advocate for how cocktails on tap can help the drinks industry.

If you’d be interested in chatting with one of our sales team about cocktails on tap. Please get in touch to