The Black Lines Rum Punch. Bold, smooth and finished with a fiery kick. Meet our bottled Liquid Treasure.

The Black Lines Bottled Rum Punch.

Our Rum Punch is born out of respect for the classic Caribbean cocktail, but as always, is a signature Black Lines take. Rich vanilla, buttery caramel and toasted almond meet a heady mix of tropical flavours with a fiery ginger finish.

Derived from the Sanskrit ‘panch’, meaning ‘five’, punch is the cocktail from which all others followed. We are staying true to its namesake with five key ingredients: Two Drifters Signature Rum, Pineapple, Passionfruit, Ginger and Bitters. A drink with a storied history; this is the Black Lines take on a cult classic. Respectful of tradition, never bound by it.

The Spirit: Two Drifters Rum.

Time to delve into the Liquid. Meet our spirit partner for the Rum Punch, Two Drifters. The world’s first rum distillery to have a carbon negative footprint. Founded by husband and wife Russ and Gemma, this team is on a mission to create beautifully smooth rum that does good for the planet. We use their Signature Rum made from 100% molasses which is fermented, distilled and aged in Devon. French Oak, ex-Madeira casks impart delicious notes of orange peel and muscovado sugar to this carefully crafted British rum. Skill and craft runs through every process at Two Drifters, making the rum both unique and delicious. With no compromise on taste, they are the perfect partner in our pursuit of the best pour.

The Carbon Negative Process.

So far, Two Drifters has avoided 141.482 Tonnes of CO2 and removed an outstanding 35.932 tonnes of CO2. Two Drifters use carbon removal, with Climeworks, like a carbon tax. They have an electric distillery run on 100% renewable energy, electric vehicles, carbon neutral packaging and courier, sustainable merchandise, a closed loop chilling system, and a new bottle design that creates significantly less CO2. It’s not just the making of them rum that is taken into account: they think of every part of the process. Their core values: not harming the planet, avoiding CO2 emissions as their primary goal and removing anything remaining, allowing their customers to enjoy the things they love in a responsible way. To read more about their story and innovative sustainability practice, visit their website.

Skill and craft runs through every process at Two Drifters, making the rum both unique and delicious. With no compromise on taste, they are the perfect partner in our pursuit of the best pour. 

The Story behind the Punch Cocktail.

The history of the punch stretches over four centuries, starting with British sailors, says liquor historian David Wondrich. Back in the 17th Century, sailors were entitled to 10 pints of beer per day - but when they sailed into warmer, tropical climates, that beer would spoil. As lovers of drink, they turned to the shores of the East Indies for a much needed alcoholic replacement. Then came the punch. According to Difford’s Guide, the five traditional ingredients were: sour, sugar, spirit, water and spice. It quickly conquered the world, transforming into a social staple; a communal bowl shared amongst friends and family, soldiers and sailors. By the mid-17th century, the “modern” rum punch was born when Jamaican rum from the West Indies became the prized spirit of choice, a popular choice for discerning drinkers. Jamaica is now widely known as the spiritual home of Rum Punch.

To this day, this is a cocktail that has stood the test of time. On most Caribbean islands and in Caribbean communities across the world, it is more than just a delicious mixed drink; Rum Punch is in so many ways representative of hospitality and of celebration. There is a proliferation of varying concoctions in the Caribbean and across the world, the real charm being that the serve will be as unique as whoever made it for you.

The Black Lines recipe is just that. Our signature version of a classic, a balanced take with a clean mouthfeel, made with clarified Pineapple and Passion Fruit. Finished with the traditional Angostura bitters for that fiery finish.

How to serve the perfect Rum Punch.

Before serving, put your bottle of Black Lines Rum Punch and a couple of glasses, rocks or highball, in the fridge: the colder the better. When you’re ready to drink, fill up your glass with ice, then pour 150ml of liquid. To finish, simply garnish with an orange slice and a sprig of mint. You’re good to go. Head here to buy.

The Illustration: by Patrik Mollwing.

We believe every cocktail has its own personality: a personality that deserves to be articulated. We tasked Patrik Mollwing, a Swedish born artist based in Stockholm, to characterise the Rum Punch. His experience spans a wide range of creative disciplines including graphic design, CGI and animation.

His playful style perceives the world at street level, with splatters of graffiti and the vibrant ambience of Swedish city life. In his own words, his wigglegrams are “like Paul Rand’s handwriting”. Patrik also released a book, entitled ‘Two Hundred and Forty-Two Hashtags’ to much critical acclaim.

The Black Lines Rum Punch Cocktail On-Tap.

Our Rum Punch has been flowing aplenty at festivals and venues across the UK since 2019. If you’re interested in getting in touch with the team about pouring our cocktails on tap, please email

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