You know what they say. Couples that clay together... clay together.

This Valentines, Black Lines have teamed up with Sculpd to create the hottest date night kit around. Couples can get down and dirty with Sculpd’s air-dry clay for two by learning how to hand-shape their own clay plant pots to grow their very own chili plant in. All whilst sipping on a Black Lines Spicy Tommy’s Margarita.

Scupld is making pottery accessible for everyone with their award-winning home pottery kits. They have enabled an entire generation of DIY creators to discover their love of pottery – without any need for a kiln, wheel or any other expensive pottery studio equipment.

“Why let your relationship dry out - when you can let your clay dry out?”

To mould even more love into this Valentine's kit, we brought in help from the mighty Spencer Gabor of Brooklyn, New York, the illustrator behind the original Black Lines Spicy Tommy's Margarita man. We gave him the exciting task of imagining what a fully family of Margarita characters would look like if they were Chilli thieves on the run from the Margarita authorities. Never give an artist a tame brief, eh. Spencer’s abstract interpretations can be found across the box set to help set the coast to coast theme. 

For the perfect Spicy Tommy’s Margarita, chill the bottle in the fridge prior to serving. Fill a rocks glass with plenty of cubed ice and pour in 100ml. Garnish with a wedge of fresh lime or spice things up with a chili top.

Click here to get your hands on a Black Line x Sculpd Valentine's Kit.