On Thursday 11th August Tottenham became the centre of the universe. Well, for us anyway. The first Black Lines Summer Party was finally thrown.

Back in 2019, Black Lines was born. A lot of love (blood, sweat and tears) went into building the brand, and we wanted to throw a party to let loose, raise a glass and bring people together. Obviously in 2020, that wasn’t so easy. Nor 2021. But finally by 2022, we knew our opportunity was here; to throw our first party and thank everyone for their support during our first years as a drinks company.

There were Cocktails on Tap. Cocktails by the Bottle. Basically, cocktails everywhere.

Where to throw the party? It had to be our Tottenham headquarters.

The party location was tough to agree on. With an array of Black Lines stockists in venues and bars across the city, our first thought was to hold the party away from home. But soon we all came to the same thought; let’s show our friends and family the Black Lines brand in the most authentic way, at our actual shiny factory home. All whilst flying the Tottenham, North London flag. It took a small army, but after moving out all of the equipment and stock, we weren’t far off the perfect space for a party.

So, what happened?

The party itself was an assortment of all the things we love: eclectic canapés, joyous DJ sets, elated dance moves, friends & family, and of course, cocktails. And lots of them. The full portfolio of the best Black Lines Cocktails on Tap and Bottled Cocktails were devoured like they were going out of fashion. Guests were greeted with our most recent drop, the Passion Fruit Martini, then the trend seemed to be a surge towards the beloved Spicy Tommy’s Margarita. Copious amounts of cocktails and shapes on the dance floor. Just what we’d hoped for.

Want to join us next time?

It was our first party, and it won’t be our last. The images below are from the disposable cameras dotted around the venue throughout the night. We thank everyone for coming down, you guys really made the night. If you didn’t make it to this one, be sure to sign up to our mailing list in our footer to be first in line for these kinds of do’s. Don’t miss out.