With your help, we have managed to raise and donate £4081.15 to the British Red Cross’ Emergency Disaster fund for the people of Ukraine.

3 weeks ago saw us launch our limited edition Peace Print to support Ukraine. Paloma, meaning ‘dove’ in Spanish, and the wondrous illustration by Waldemar Stepien formed the foundation of this special one-off piece.

“We initially launched 50 prints, but with your brilliant support, we sold them out in 24 hours and decided to add another 25 to the cause.”

We thank you again for helping us support the Red Cross, it’s been moving to see so many of you donate through the medium of art. As the war rages on, we hope that this donation can be used to help vulnerable people in dangerous areas or in difficult circumstances.

If you want to make any further donations, here is the direct link to the British Red Cross Emergency Fund. We’ll also maintain a donation option via our store checkout.