Cocktail Baubles
Cocktail Baubles
Cocktail Baubles
Cocktail Baubles

Cocktail Baubles

£24.00 | 3 x 100ml Baubles

£44.00 | 2 sets of 3 x 100ml Baubles

£60.00 | 3 sets of 3 x 100ml Baubles

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Negroni (18.8%) | Spicy Tommy's Margarita (12.7%) | Espresso Martini (13.0%)

This Christmas, we’ve re-launched our festive signature; the Black Lines Baubles. The box includes three of our house classics in diminutive Bauble format; ready to hang, ready to drink.

The Collaboration

If you hadn’t already noticed, we can’t help working with fantastic artists. So we’ve decided to let Waldemar Stepien, Patrik Mollwing and Marnie Cox run riot across the boxes. Which box will you receive? It’s a lucky dip. Order three and you can be the judge of your favourite.

Waldemar Stepien

Polish born, now living in Glasgow, Waldemar often searches for ambiguity within geometric pattens. Through his art, he enjoys a dialogue with the viewer and his work does well to carry across his quirky sense of humour. 

Patrik Mollwing

Netherlands-based Mollwing’s style is influenced by a variety of genres; 90s street art, cult comics and fashion, among others. Balancing chaos with harmony is a signature of his work and we are always impressed by how he combines these energies.

Marnie Cox

London based Marnie Cox draws inspiration from the people that surround her in her everyday, moulding them into curvaceous abstract characters; always intertwined, always full of energy, and often enjoying a tipple or two.

How to serve

Ready to hang, ready to serve. Simply pour the Spicy Tommy's Margarita & Negroni over ice in a rocks glass and garnish. For the Espresso Martini, give it a shake over ice and serve in a coupe with a garnish of coffee beans.

Dietary Info

Spicy Tommy's Margarita & Espresso Martini are suitable for vegans.