Launched in East London in 2019, we set out with a simple goal; to make the best cocktails more accessible. An alternative answer to an age old expectation.

We don’t like compromising. We don’t like rushing products out to market when they’re half-finished. We don’t like garnishing our cocktails with candy floss to make them more Instagram friendly. Since day one, we’ve worked tirelessly to create cocktails that speak for themselves, cocktails that don’t have to apologise for being poured from a tap or bottle and cocktails that we’re proud to say are ours.

It has meant chasing the best ingredients and never compromising on flavour and it’s led us to collaborate with some of the best distilleries and venues in the industry.


Casey Sorenson


The Black Lines scientist. Casey started developing cocktails on tap back in 2017 after being Head of Drinks at Soho House. Now he’s the bona fide MVP in the London cocktail world. Meticulous, mushroom loving & most likely so spend the day buying plants for his East London greenhouse.

Kuleen Khimasia


The complete Black Lines all rounder. Kuleen oversees all corners of the company. With a background in the food industry and financial consulting, he keeps us on the straight & narrow. Oh that’s not all though, Kuleen has an acute eye for art & design which helps maintain that BL edge.

Jake Macleod

Head of Marketing & Creative

A creative all rounder who leads on everything visual here at Black Lines. Jake studied photography and then freelanced as a graphic designer before heading up all the marketing at Black Lines. Outside of work he's busy playing music.

Morgan Ward

Head of Sales

Morgan is the original salesmen of Black Lines. Let’s not sell him short though, Morgan also has a creative history in cocktails and was essentially born with a Negroni in his hand. A fine palette.

Cezar Dascalu

Production Manager

Every factory needs its muscle. Cezar is the man on the ground making sure those kegs are full and those boxes are bottled. Methodic, stylish & dynamic. Cezar has been seen erecting 50 boxes a minute whilst batching a ton of Margaritas. For real.

Tony Novak

Warehouse Manager

Another reason this Black Lines ship will continue to sail. Tony is another piece of solid steel we have in our arsenal to help get as many cocktails out as possible. Tony is smart, speedy & as smooth as our Martinis.

Amy Portis

Operations Manager

Doctor ops. Amy has background in psychology and is now applying her degree at BL HQ by managing minds and keeping us safe & sane. She is North London born & bred, which helps us solidify our home and headquarters in Tottenham.

Thea Ardeleanu

Off-Trade Sales Manager

Our newest recruit. Thea has adapted to the sales team like a duck to water. When she’s not busy trying to get you tipsy, she works in film & tech. She's not your cliche sales person, she's much more, and that's why we love her.