Passion Fruit Martini Serve Guide

  1. Get the bottle and a couple of coupes in the fridge before serving. The colder the better.
  2. Grab a cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, ice and your cold glasses.
  3. Shakerless? Head to our store or at a pinch, improvise. We recommend freezing the bottle for an hour (max) and blending without ice, or using a glass jar as a shaker.
  4. Pour 100ml per serve (125ml if you are using a large glass) into the shaker and half-fill it with ice.
  5. Shake well for 15 seconds (time to get the iPhone timer out) and strain out into the glasses.
  6. To finish, top with half a passion fruit and sink into summery oblivion. 

London’s most provocative contribution to the cocktail renaissance. The Passion Fruit Martini. 

Inspired by the world’s most popular cocktail, our very own Black Lines Passion Fruit Martini harks back to Douglas Ankrah’s original recipe; a luxurious and elegant creation that offers a bold, iconic serve for those long summer evenings. And one that is a far cry from its crudely named ancestor that features on so many menus today.

This serve is a lustrous blend of East London Vodka with a palmful of pineapple, zesty lime, creamy vanilla and of course a healthy dose of Passion Fruit. And as always, it's made in-house by our team in Tottenham, North London.


The Espresso Martini has taken 3 years of experimentation and refinement, obsessing over every detail, from sourcing, to processing, to achieving perfect balance in the glass. To deliver that balance, we partnered with two of the very best British producers:


- Chase's field-to-bottle Potato Vodka.


- Origin's San Fermin cold brew coffee.


Meet the illustrator

Anna Soba

Brighton-based artist Anna Soba has had a pencil in her hand for as long as she can remember. Her traditional work features expressive depictions of the feminine form with a sprinkling of cats. She took a loose brief around the story and importance of the Espresso Martini and produced something equally significant in her art.

 “In the beginning, I called this illustration ‘Kick Like a Girl’, which, in my opinion, means something strong and powerful. The Espresso Martini lady kicks the coffee bean like she means it, I bet she’s a feminist.”

Her response to the cocktail effortlessly delivered a relevant and contemporary vision of the powerful feminine presence that inspired the serve.