Negroni Serve Guide

  1. Chill the bottle & glass in the fridge prior to serving.
  2. 2. Pour 100ml into a chilled Rocks glass with plenty of cubed ice.
  3. 3. 3. Garnish with a fresh slice of Orange.
  4. 4. Drink to your hearts content.

The Judi Dench of the cocktail world; short, strong, a timeless classic. A perfect balance of Juniper-forward Gin, bitter, bold Campari and herbaceous Vermouth.


Café Casoni, Florence, Italy, 1919. Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to strengthen his favourite cocktail, ’The Americano’, by replacing the soda with Gin. Adding an orange slice to signify the new drink, the Negroni was born.


The Aperitivo in Italy is a glorious, cultural panacea; a drink and time of day whose key purpose is to bring people together, stimulate conversation and, most importantly, whet the appetite.


Take a walk through the cobbled streets of Florence on a warm summer evening and you’ll get a feel for what the Aperitivo is all about. Cafes, restaurants, little bars on every corner; patrons spilling over onto the streets; short glasses filled with vermouth, bitters, herbaceous tipples; delightful morsels on every small plate; all painted with a dappling of sunlight.



- East London Liquor London Dry Gin.


- The classic Campari.


- Vittoire Spanish Vermouth.

Meet the illustrator

Jamie Muck

To take on the infamous Negroni, we needed an equally infamous Illustrator and close friend of Black Lines Jamie Muck’s stock is ever improving. Jamie is a talented illustrator, graphic designer and painter from Bristol. He uses clean black lines and loud block-fill colouring in his designs, with influence from neo-graffiti and pop art. He loves to design characters, developing charismatic, animated figures that have previously gone on to decorate record sleeves and magazine articles.  The equally charismatic character for our Negroni was born during a brief hiatus from his travels across Australia.