It's November 1st 2033. Halloween is over and we already hear a slight jingle of Santa's sleigh bells in the far off distance. Previously this would be a day where we celebrate the annual tradition of Mariah Carey's 'It's.... TIME!!!' or discuss the latest John Lewis ad. But, in the last 10 years there's a new Christmas tradition in town that's overtaken both of these magical moments. Yes, it's Black Lines' yearly festive Oatnog release! People queueing up to buy their first bottle of the season, each year tasting better than the one before, shops selling out of the beautiful spicy, warming nectar because everyone knows, quite frankly, that it wouldn't feel like Christmas without it.” - Oatly.  

Words from our pals at Oatly. They love it. We love it. Do you? 

The Black Lines bottled Oatnog. 

For those of you who have been with Black Lines for a while, you’ll be very familiar with our beloved Oatnog. But for our first timers - think Eggnog, but better. Nostalgia with a twist. Deliciously dairy-free. Loved by all. You’ll always remember your first sip, we can guarantee that.

This bottled Christmas cocktail is ready to serve however you like. Pour straight over ice in a rocks glass for creamy oblivion. For an added warming Rum kick, serve hot with a garnish of ground nutmeg.

So, what’s changed with Oatnog this year?

Always in pursuit of the perfect pour, we have been rigourously re-developing our recipe until it is absolutely right. For this season’s winning line up we have: Two Drifters Signature Rum, Oatly Barista, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla. Just the right balance of creamy, boozy and rich to deliver the most delicious liquid.

The Oatnog Party at Little Lines Cocktail Bar.

Obviously we had to celebrate Oatnog in style. Where else than our very own bar, Little Lines. Transformed into Oatnog Euphoria. Picture the scene: the infamous Black Lines Oatnog bottle tree returns in its rightful position greeting guests at the door. Freshly labelled Oatnog bottles from our Tottenham factory home, as treasure pieces circling the centrepiece rotunda bar. Delicious gluten-free, vegan fried doughnuts from Borough 22 - proving there is nothing missing when it comes to free-from. 

Then the hero of the evening in all its glory. Oatnog three ways. Served cold. Served hot. Met with ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ of delight from around the room, free flowing aplenty. And for one night only, Oatly Oatnog soft serve.

Oatly x Oatnog Soft Serve.

Now this. This we were excited about. We’d drunk Oatnog in every way possible… but a soft serve ice cream? A new level of Nog. Having only debuted in the UK this summer, Oatly’s soft serve take on Oatnog peaked deliciousness. Creamy, smooth, topped with crumbled mince pie. Safe to say there were plenty of seconds. Take a look at the photo evidence from our party below!

Oatnog three ways. Served cold. Served hot. Met with ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ of delight from around the room, free flowing aplenty. And for one night only, Oatly Oatnog soft serve. 

Welcome to a new tradition.

This is our call. A new kind of Christmas. Move aside Mulled Wine. Goodbye to Eggnog. Whiskey Creams no more. Our Oatnog bottled cocktail is the new Christmas classic. There is no perfect Christmas, that is the beauty of it. Filled with imperfections, family feuds, spilt gravy, presents hurriedly wrapped, kitchen disasters. Equal parts chaotic and nostalgic.

And the one thing to cut through the noise. Oatnog. A drink that speaks for itself: Quality. Decadence. Simply delicious. A serve to stand the test of time. Your Christmas, Re-Written.

Buy the Black Lines Oatnog.